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Compeer Volunteer Program

Spending just a few hours a month with an adult or youth who needs a friend can make a huge difference.

Compeer provides a fun, flexible volunteer opportunity that fits into your current lifestyle.

Our Compeer volunteers come from all walks of life, all races, all religions, across Niagara County.

Our wonderful volunteers and mentors become positive role models, help raise self-esteem, increase social and communication skills, and encourage independence for their Compeer friends. Compeer volunteers demonstrate that friendly encouragement and caring support can truly enrich a life.

There are many adult and youth participants waiting for a friend in Niagara County. They might even live in your neighborhood! Find out how easy it is to be a friend, mentor, or advocate. Call us and apply today! (716) 433-3780

Become a Match
Volunteers are needed to be a friend to an individual who receives mental health services. Volunteers are matched with someone who lives nearby who has similar interests. Females are matched with females and males matched with males. In the Compeer Adult program, the volunteer fills the gap that may occur between the treatment services provider and the absence of an adequate support system by family and friends.

The Compeer Youth Program also needs volunteers to be matched with youth from ages five to seventeen in a one-on-one mentoring relationship. Youth with an emotional/behavioral disability benefit from having a volunteer provide friendship and support. Volunteers also serve as a positive role model.

We have many people waiting to be matched. Find out how easy it is to be a mentor, advocate or friend! You can fill the void that exists in so many of these people's lives.


How to get involved:
You can start the application process by calling Compeer at (716) 433-3780. Training/orientation sessions are held periodically. Additional training and ongoing support is provided after the initial application process. Once you meet our other volunteers, you'll know you've made the right decision!

Are you ready to become a compeer volunteer? Call us at (716) 433-3780 to get started!

If you are a consumer of mental health services in Niagara County and want to participate in the Compeer program, ask your mental health professional to refer you to Compeer Niagara. Call (716) 433-3780 to request referral forms. To learn more about the adult or kids program, click the links below.

Go to Compeer for Adults

Go to Compeer for Kids


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