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Compeer Niagara

Compeer Niagara is a non-profit, volunteer-based program in Niagara County, NY that serves adults and children who have a mental health diagnosis and limited social supports. Our aim is to improve the quality of life and self-esteem of our clients through social inclusion and enjoyable activities.



Please read the first pages of the referral packets, as they contain important information regarding eligibility and guidelines for the Compeer Niagara Program. Before referring a client, please discuss the Compeer Niagara program with them. Explain how the program works, some examples of activities that we do, and ensure that the client is interested in participating.


Unfortunately, you cannot be the one to refer your client to the Compeer Niagara Program. Please feel free to suggest the program and/or supply information to your client's Mental Health Professional (counselor, therapist, doctor providing medication management, etc.). Let the Mental Health Professional know to list you as a contact on the referral. We can then obtain consent from your client and communicate with you as well.   

Before suggesting the Compeer Niagara program to a client's Mental Health Professional, please take the time to discuss the program with your client. Describe the program and what kinds of activities we do, and ensure that the client is willing to participate in the program.


Please read the first page of the Volunteer Application, as it states our goal, your role, and requirements for the application.


For more information, email Tara Porter, Compeer Niagara Director, at or call 716-433-3780.



We understand that many people would like to support the Compeer Niagara Program. Here are ways to provide support:

1. Become a Volunteer. See above.
2. "BE" an Event. Share your talent with our group. Email us at
3. Become a Sponsor. See opportunities below. A detailed description of each option can be found under "Documents" to the right of your screen. Donations can be made securely on PayPal. When making your donation, select what you would like to sponsor from the dropdown menu. If PayPal is not an option for you, checks may be made out to "Compeer Niagara."

Sponsorship Options


Adult Referral Packet

Youth Referral Packet

Volunteer Application



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