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Information and Referral
We offer information and referral 24-hours a day, 7 days a week through our partnership with the Niagara County Department of Mental Health. Our phone referral system, called the Help Line, serves all of Niagara County. Our popular Help Book is pocket-sized and provides a quick reference to residents for important phone numbers in Niagara County. Additionally, we publish the Lockport Family Resource Guide and Niagara Self-Help Clearinghouse. These directories provide a central collection of all self-help mutual-aid support groups in Niagara County. Downloadable versions are available here (LINK to Publications).

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Community Education
We provide presentations, workshops, trainings and materials on mental wellness topics for a range of audiences. Our programs benefit school-children, families, professionals, consumers of mental health services, and the general public. In addition, we keep you informed with our newsletter, blog and social media outlets, and provide access to books, videos and pamphlets free of charge through our lending library and information services.

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Self-Help, Support Groups and More
We offer many different resources so you can help yourself: print materials, online resources, in-person support groups, and 24/7 phone service (Call our HELP LINE at 716-433-3780). We even offer a free weekly class, Art for Relaxation. For our schedule of support groups and classes, go to Support Groups.

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Consumer Services
Through programs such as Legal Advocacy, Peer (Hospital) Advocacy and the Consumer Planning Advisory Council (CPAC), people with mental or emotional disorders receive the support services they need. We also offer the In-Home Respite Program, which provides a planned break for parents in Niagara County raising a with a serious emotional disorder. MHA actively advocates for those with mental illness by participating in the legislative process, maintaining contact with our representatives in government and closely examining pending legislation regarding mental illness.

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Compeer Niagara
Compeer is a pioneering not-for-profit organization, which has achieved success based on a very simple idea— friendships have the power to heal. At MHA, we offer this unique "Be a Friend" program to adults and children with a mental health diagnosis. Volunteer opportunities also available.

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We're here for you!
At MHA, we have programs and services for just about everyone. If you have just been diagnosed with anxiety, or are fighting depression, learning to manage anger, coping with workplace issues or family stress, we can point out resources to help you face your challenge.

Information and Referral

Community Education


We also provide programs specifically targeted to help individuals with a mental health diagnosis, such as Legal Advocacy, Peer (Hospital) Advocacy, the Consumer Planning Advisory Council, In-Home Respite, and Compeer Niagara.

Legal Advocacy Services

Peer (Hospital) Advocacy

Consumer Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC)

In-Home Respite

Compeer Niagara


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